Article Published in Natural Awakenings, pg 12-13, Dec 2009, theme: Awakening Consciousness

Awakening to the Shift Begins Within

by Leslie Blackburn, MS

Do you feel like time is accelerating?  Do you feel like information is pummeling in from all directions…sights, sounds, smells…sensory overload?  Perhaps you feel anxiety around it, or build up shields to block it out, or retreat and withdraw to disconnect?

Consciousness on the planet is evolving…RAPIDLY.  And right now.  As author and spiritual teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek says…”High technology is not a sign of an advanced civilization, it’s a sign of a civilization about to be advanced!”

To put it in perspective, Drunvalo shared that it has been estimated that all the information we’ve learned from the beginning of human civilization (the Sumerian age) until 1900 AD, about 6000 years, was doubled in the following 50 years from 1900-1950.  That same amount happened again from 1950-1970, again from 1970 -1980, then again from ’80-’86.  It continues to rapidly accelerate such that, as of the summer of 2009, about every month or less the same amount of information becomes available as did during that initial 6000 years!   We are on a steeply vertical acceleration curve!  Whew, no wonder it feels so exhausting.

For my fellow math geeks out there, think of the upward path of a hyperbolic curve nearing a vertical limit…rapidly accelerating toward infinity.  And what is the limit?

Time and Earth Cycles

Let’s ponder for a moment how we define time.  All of our measurements of time are linked to the Earth, our home.  Cycles and rhythms of the Earth’s movement along with her moon, define our days, years, tidal movement and more.  A single rotation around her axis is a “day”; a rotation around the Sun is a “year”.  So what about all the other movements of the Earth?  There are other movements, perhaps less obvious or commonly known, which do in fact impact us.  Milankovitch Cycles are variations in eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession of the Earth's orbit, which impact large cycle changes and climatic patterns on Earth.  And as with any Earth rhythm, these changes impact all biological cycles, including human emotions. So what if we are headed into the end of a major Earth cycle right now?  According to indigenous wisdom, and the science of the Earth’s precession we are.

So what’s the limit, what are we approaching?

So what does that mean?  As we end a 26,000 year cycle, some predict chaos and destruction….but what is that really?  Shedding of old skins in preparation for rebirth, like the caterpillar that dies off its earth-bound self and takes flight as the grand butterfly.  Scientifically speaking, the Earth is headed for a pole shift.  Beginning with a magnetic pole shift, it will become a physical pole shift followed by a period of no magnetic field.  Yes, it has happened before in the Earth’s history, but modern man has never witnessed this!

Sound a little weird? 

No matter what physically will happen, the prophecies and ancient traditions predict a major shift in consciousness during our time, literally in this period of the next few years.

How do we prepare?

To move forward we must blend the nature based wisdom of our past with the technology of the present.  Similarly, we must blend the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves to find wholeness.  Continuing to take physical and mental action in our world of responsibilities, yet opening in love to the guidance and wisdom of our bodies, bellies and hearts.

So this isn’t about outward preparation in the physical world.  Whatever is going to happen, will happen.  Instead it’s about inward exploration and self-realization.  Remember who you are, trust in yourself!  Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with inner self, as are other contemplative and healing practices.  This isn’t about adding more anxiety to the pile.  It’s about letting go and opening to the unfolding of a new era, waking up to the possibilities of more to life than the list of stuff.  It’s a time for joy and celebration!

Everyone’s spiritual path is unique and different. Follow your path!


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