Egypt: A spiritual journey to a sacred land

Flower of Life at Abydos (and Seed of Life)

Seshat, the goddess of Sacred Geometry

Thoth, the god of Sacred Geometry

at the temple of Sekhmet

tools of resurrection

For me, this journey was about exploring further connection with the divine feminine, and remembering, in fact reactivating that cellular memory of, who I am. It was about connecting with my joys... gazing upon the ancient symbol of Flower of Life at Abydos, the images of Seshat and Thoth, neters of Sacred Geometry.

....Feeling the strength and power in the vulnerability of opening at the temple of Sekhmet. Connecting with sacred sexuality, raising the life force energy (sekhem, kundalini) up the spine (djed) symbolized in the divine union of Isis and Osiris... gazing upon the tools of resurrection used in these ancient times.

...Experiencing the healing of sound and vibration within the temples at Sakkara, at Dendera, among others. And the beauty of music being created and shared as Paul Briggs played guitar at the temple at Edfu.

These ancient sites and their energies have been in existence since a time before and during the age of Aten, when the awareness and understanding transcended the need for written communication. We are now leaving the Age of Amen, the darkness...heading toward a major shift, awakening to the light and to a new dawn.What a beautiful time to be alive, to be a part of this amazing transformation, and to teach/learn from others along the way :)

Special thanks to Paul, my new friends, the wonderful group we traveled with, Andrea Mikana-Pinkham at Sacred Sites Journeys.




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...the temple at Edfu following our ceremony and Paul's live guitar...

...and the closing ceremony, inside the Great Pyramid.


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