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"...It is impossible for us to learn elsewhere what we are incapable of learning within our own bodies."

- Schwaller de Lubicz, quoted by Mantak Chia in Taoist Secrets of Love






What people have said about group classes & workshops:

"I have been raving about Leslie Blackburn's work as a sexual healer and transformational guide ever since last spring when I had my mind blown at her "Sacred Sexuality and Female Ejaculation" workshop. The three hours I spent learning from Blackburn evoked an awareness of the possibility for a greater, more sensitive existence." "Leslie Blackburn on Intimacy with the Self and Others" Article and Video Interview by Jane Fader

Regarding Temple Community Gatherings:

"That was a powerful group tonight.  It is just amazing to be in a room of people who are so accepting.  As [another woman] talked about coming out I thought about my own journey: Catholic girl, the "straight" girl who had all lesbian friends, finally coming out, made to feel completely filthy, becoming the good Christian girl, and then trying to please everyone by dating/sleeping with girls and guys.  And I wonder why I felt so torn apart. Our work has made me feel like it's okay to just be me.  And I love that. Yeah!"

Regarding Tantra Playshop for Couples: "I really loved the class and the space that you have created to bring people together to do this work. You were very approachable and reassuring, making the atmosphere warm, inviting, and safe. Dixon did a great job supporting you and holding space as your partner, and also gave you room to lead. It takes a special couple to be so connected and loving, yet so inclusive with those around them. Thank you both." - K

Regarding Apprenticeship and Private Sessions: "Leslie is simply amazing.  An amazing teacher, amazing guide and coach, and an amazing woman.  After studying with her extensively over the last year or so, I have developed more as a person than I possibly could have imagined!  Her patient, down to earth and agenda free leadership has helped me to look deeply into my own fears and insecurities; slowly learning what it truly means to be a human on a much deeper level.  Her explanations and exercises have felt incredibly safe, with the power always in the client's hands.  In every moment I've spent with her I've felt embraced in love and showered in compassion and have never experienced even the slightest hint of judgement, no matter what has surfaced.  I could not recommend her work enough; having her in my life has been a true blessing towards understanding my sexual energy and progressing down the path of awareness!" ~ CO

“I reached out to Leslie as a male in his mid 20s who had become disconnected from his sexual energy due to issues of pain, intimacy issues, and other habits picked up in my youth revolving “hookup culture” and masculinity. I was honestly just hoping to find a way to let go of the fears I have developed with pain. 18 months later, through 1-1 sessions, and being involved in her apprenticeship, I find myself fully transformed from my work with her. The spiritual doors that have been tapped into by integrating my work with Leslie have forever changed my life, changed the way I communicate with my partners, and changed the way I connect with my sexual energy. I genuinely believe that every person would benefit from connecting with Leslie in some fashion, and I cannot express enough gratitude for the impact she has had on my spiritual growth.” ~SG

Regarding Workshops:

"Last weekend I was called to attend this workshop again after attending it in Toronto last year. Tantric Energy Touch is definitely one of Leslie's workshops that you can attend multiple times and still be surprised and moved by the experience. Each time it awoke something new in me, something that I was ready to learn. Leslie herself is in the constant self-development. Her classes and workshops evolve with her. Tantric Energy Touch is special, because you can choose to attend alone and be paired up with someone who came alone too. I found it very rewarding and humble to go through this exploration with a complete stranger, who you can connect in so many ways without even knowing him/her. I am very grateful. thank you," - Aleksandra

"Leslie and Paul – I had a WONDERFUL time on Saturday. I haven’t done something like that in a great long time, and I must say you exceeded my deepest expectations. Please be sure to keep me informed of upcoming events." PJD

"Just a note to thank you for your presentation on Sunday. I appreciated everything you talked about... Thanks for who you are and the light and joy you so freely give." M

"It opened up a whole bunch of new doors in my psyche...and helped explain a few past experiences. Thanks for following this path, Leslie. Good things will happen through you." J

"...I wanted to thank you for today. I am always inspired by people who are expressing their authentic selves, and you are most certainly doing that! Your passion, gentleness, and fire are so amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world :) I absolutely want to take more classes with you in the future... Thanks again for a wonderful class. You rock!" Much love, Erin

"Hi Leslie, I wanted to comment on the workshop on February 28th regarding "Female Ejaculation".  First of all I want to thank you for being so brave to explore such a fun topic!  I found the workshop very informative and the women in the room very nice and comfortable to be with.  I was surprised and delighted that everyone felt so free and open to discuss such a personal topic. There are such taboos in today's society that as women we sometimes fall victims to topics about our own sexuality!   Thanks for providing a place that we can get together and explore such important topics! I hope that you will continue to have such workshops perhaps you can call them "Let's Talk About Sex"!  I know many women have many questions and want to learn and explore more about themselves and their bodies. You have created such a comfortable, safe environment for open dialogue and it is very empowering!  
  Wishing you success in enlightening all those that know you!  I know you have done so for me and I am grateful!" With love and gratitude, V

"Hi Leslie :) Thank you for all that you are and for another amazing class. I feel so grateful that there are people like you (and the wonderful women who came to the class) who are willing to bring forth this powerful aspect of the divine. I am very excited to be alive at this important time! And yes, three cheers for the Magdalen Manuscript!!!" Erin

Regarding the Playshop for women "Learning to Let Go!": "I wanted to let you know that I ejaculated for the first time today! Wow, what an amazing experience. ...I was surprised to find that there was some pain associated with my g-spot, and that it only released when I coached myself through it by repeating almost a mantra in my head: you are allowed to explore your body, you deserve to feel good. Only when I was able to create a safe, comfortable emotional space was I able to ejaculate. Before your class I would have never associated ejaculation with freedom or safety. I thought it was something the body did, but for me, I had to be in a safe place in my heart and head. Thank you for helping me understand that!... I feel sexy and sultry and earthy and feminine and connected with a new part of myself. Just like I do after vinyasa yoga, only with this knowledge that my body can do things I never thought possible. I really hope that I can take the experience today and use it to become more comfortable and connected to myself sexually, to become more deeply rooted in my body." Lynn

Tantra Playshop for Couples: one man shared afterward that his long time partner said "she never felt more connected to me"


What people have said about private sessions with Leslie:

Regarding an Introductory Session: “Thank You so much,  I have to tell you that yesterday was a very different day for me.  I felt recharged, I was surprised to see how easy was to interact with people.  It was like a new me was in me.” - George

"I have never felt so honored, so privileged in my life. Period. And never has another human being helped me as much as you. Thank you Leslie Blackburn" -P

"I originally scheduled to work with Leslie (Mystery School of the Temple Arts) because of a longstanding sexual issue that I have been dealing with for the past 20 years.  Little did I realize that I was signing up for a journey of deep personal exploration and expansion over the last 12-15 months!  Leslie is a wonderful, loving and patient teacher who met me right where I was at on my path.  As a result of working with Leslie, I have immensely grown in mind, body and spirit and have a far deeper understanding of myself than ever before! Also, my original sexual issue has steadily improved over that time, as well. 

If you are struggling on your path mentally, spiritually and/or sexually, I can't recommend a greater teacher than Leslie to help assist you!  She is rare jewel to have, especially in the Midwest where such teachers of her skill, understanding and compassion are so hard to find!"

Toledo, OH

"Leslie, I have been fortunate to work with a number of great therapists and healers since I started my journey of discovering my true nature and increasing joy in my life. You have been and continue to be one of the most important therapists/healers on this journey for me. With your guidance I was able to access  and heal the wounds that would have certainly stayed unhealed, despite all the other approaches I have been using on my journey. I am eternally grateful to you for the gifts of those healed wounds. Thank you." -PS

"THIS is the therapy I have been looking for for 30 years." -sexual abuse survivor

"This is the most present and in my body that I've felt in my entire life."

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time you spent with me. It really helped me to come understand myself, and how my views of myself have so much more power than the community's views of me.  I am becoming the person I want to be."  -TDR

"I have been working with Leslie for almost a year and it has been a truly wonderful learning experience. Leslie has helped me regain my sexual powers in the form of pleasure, intense ejaculations and orgasms. I never thought I could experience such pleasure, but with Leslie's guidence I have achieved leaps and bounds and our journey continues. I have also noticed since my work with Leslie that my erections have come back full force. It's great. Every session with Leslie I learn something new and expand to new heights in this wonderful work that she practices. We are so lucky to have Leslie as our sacred guide and healer. Since I have been working with Leslie she has helped me restore my sexual powers to when I was in my 20's. My energy levels have also been renewed and I feel great every time I leave a session and for days the energy continues to flow within me. Thank you Leslie for doing what you do and who you are. I look forward to our continued and sacred journey.
With love and much light." -Dennis

""From my very first visit with Leslie I immediately started to get a better understanding of the energy in my own body, completely changed the way I view and understand sex, and changed how I view being intimate with my partner. Leslie provided me with lifelong tools and techniques that I continue to use to not only get over my initial mental road blocks but, I use those methods in all other aspects of my life. It is truly a breath of fresh air to not only be able to talk with someone about most topics that are considered “taboo” in society but, to talk with someone who is an expert in those areas and is there to guide you on the journey you are about to take. I cannot recommend Leslie enough to anyone who is struggling with any sexual issue. It was scary for me to initially reach out for my “premature ejaculation” issue I was having but, Leslie from the start had a comforting way of answering all my questions and assisting me with setting up our first appointment. If you approach your issue with an open mind are open and honest with Leslie form the start you will see amazing results. She is a great spiritual guide and an even more beautiful person." - Steve W.

"Wow, after each meeting with you I am simply overwhelmed with how skillfully and so very subtly you introduce me to myself! In a not so surprising way, it’s exciting, very exciting to finally get to know “me”. And, you’ve helped me heal what may be the most difficult wounds of all – those you don’t even realize you have." -P

"My sessions with Leslie have been awesome. She has helped me so much get to know my body, my emotions, and how to relax into a truly intimate, emotionally connected relationship. Leslie has helped me change my attitudes and approach to relationships which has greatly enhanced the intimacy and love in my marriage. And, the sessions have been really fun because Leslie is such a positive upbeat person." -MH, Detroit

"When I began my work with Leslie, I imagined that this form of Sacred Healing would probably be a good adjunct to my traditional psychotherapy (for severe childhood sexual trauma).  After only 3 sessions, I now see my psychotherapy as a helpful adjunct to this Sacred Healing, which has been phenomenally more effective.  I have for years wished for means to dissipate the pain associated with repressed traumatic memories, in advance of those memories actually surfacing.  I may have found this within the Sacred Tantric Healing methodologies, which are the focus of Leslie's expertise.  I am very hopeful for my future now." -Jim


"I came to Leslie looking for a quick fix to my very painful problem: virginity.  At 28, it was something that was paralyzing my mind, filling me with self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness.  I had been strongly attracted to women all my life, but never had the courage or luck to grow sexually.  I felt hopelessly stuck, cursed.  I knew it had to be addressed.  I just didn't know how to proceed.  I had never even kissed anyone.  By chance, I found out about Leslie and gave her a call, thinking that I would learn the proper techniques and strategies to overcome this obstacle to my growth and happiness.  I expected to learn about sex in an organized, logical, technical manner.

Fortunately, Leslie is a gifted healer, with deep knowledge and understanding.  She saw right away that my problem was not a lack of techniques and strategies.  She helped open my heart, release blocks I had pushed down for many years, and she gave me some very good advice.  She said I just had to feel things, to get out of my head and into my body.  To be in the moment.  She was so right.  How do I know her advice was so good?  Because at 29, thanks to her, I am no longer a virgin [editor note: via connecting with a new partner in his personal life and exploring his new found confidence].  I have connected with my sacred sexuality, and begun a life-long journey of growth that I never thought would happen.  Leslie has pulled me from the darkness.  She truly is a light-bearer."


"Leslie's willingness to share her knowledge with such openness and compassion regarding issues that are not always easy to work through for some women is what I hold most dear from my experience attending her "Learning to Let Go" playshop and through several private coaching sessions.  She is simply amazing!  I asked for help with healing old wounds that were deeper than I could reach and I can't thank her enough for her patience and wise guidance towards a path of healthy transformation of my Spirit.  Light and Love right back to you, Leslie" - NH

"I am deeply impacted...more important purpose than I am capable of grasping" -J

"You are a goddess of light in a crazy-mixed up world." -P

"Thank you Leslie, I am very glad that it was lovely seeing me! WELL I have never said that in my life before! 
Inspirational, super perceptive, thought provoking, funny, real, warm- the video was a treat, thank you!

Thank you for letting me find you, and helping me to find me and I feel soooo much more comfortable in my own skin.  Last night and today me is more me so much so that I am not immersed in the worry of when it is going to end!  Only if I think about it does it seem unbelievable, instead though it is what I want my normal to be as it is closer to me-  natural and simple, not complex.  For example I have begun conversations with about a half-dozen total strangers just since last night which is a normal thing it seems to me to do if I am in the mood to do so but usually I do not as am in a state of funk meaning thinking too much about it particularly my discomfort of being me which leaves a bad taste before I even get started and if I force myself I feel a bit superficial due to my unwillingness to be totally me and allow the other person to see that.

...My small acts of kindness in acknowledging someone as being there with me as themself seems to be a clue to my happiness, and I am paying attention to this." - Mike T.  

"It felt like 6 months of therapy in just 2 hours." -Theresa

"Hi Leslie! I had a wonderful time with you. I felt very warm, fuzzy, confident, and happy afterwards. See you soon, and thanks so much for helping me. You are truly my ray of light!" - MM

"Had I done this younger I could've more fully owned who I am!" -R

"Thank you Leslie for accelerating my progress of personal growth and awareness!  You do more than just give ‘pie in the sky’ philosophies to growth and evolution.  You provide concrete ways to implement spiritual concepts by not only involving the mind but also the body.  I have had more spiritual and personal growth with you in a month than in a year of conventional therapy, subliminal tapes and homeopathy.  Thank you for ‘connecting the dots’ to the realization of the amazing connection between body, mind, breathing, sound and spirit.  That true enlightenment and wholeness involves our entire being, in which all parts of ourselves are sacred and need to harmonize in order to reach our greatest potential.  Again, thank you for guiding me to a place for which my being has been searching."   -Amanda

"I'm feeling much better since seeing you. It's amazing. Thank you.
I know you really care and that's why I'm so comfortable with you." -D

"Leslie You are knowledgeable, articulate and informative... Nothing you said is anything I did not feel at age 18 but was afraid to say out loud or talk of." -J
"You said we were on the edge of reaching a new-level of consciousness – oh how I would love to see that in my life time.
  It’s doubtful our culture will evolve that quickly, but it will evolve, because individuals like you will light the way. I write that and I sincerely wonder if there could possibly be others like you; I hope so for the sake of healthy living on this planet.
  For me, personally, it may be happening in the present. I can sense it – moving to a new state of awareness of myself and of others --- at long last finding that all-too-elusive inner peace; a peace that I perhaps didn’t even realize was missing.
  Finally --- finally –- being me, just being me – no guards, no shields, no excuses, no guilt or shame –it is absolutely, and simply, wonderful. I’d love to shout that one from the mountain top.
You are wonderfully and beautifully unique. You have a gift, a very, very special gift. Thank you for allowing me to be a beneficiary of that gift -- I mean that so very much. In honor of sacred sexual healing," -P

"Thank you Leslie for sharing your special gifts with us.  We both had a wonderful time.  Hope to share some more time together in the future.  With gratitude and respect... " -V&J

"You (Leslie) show me the way to gentleness, non-judgment, and inner-peace; you have been patient, understanding, and committed. You didn’t throw in the towel after that first cold-blooded meeting; the mind only sees that which it believes is possible, and through the Divine in you, you saw possibilities. No one can put a price tag on that.
  You do it, and are able to do it, because you are gifted, and because YOU were courageous enough to hop off the hamster wheel and follow your own path.
  You can only pour so much love into a soul before it simply starts to overflow. That’s the ripple effect that enables you to reach so many through just one." - P

"I wanted to thank you for Monday, and I've been searching for the words or feelings. Still don't have them sorted out yet. But they are all good! I know I still have a lot of work to do but I do feel lighter in a big way. I feel like we chipped away a huge piece of the anger and wall I have constructed.  It felt like 6 months of therapy in just 2 hours. I've been thinking about those exercises that seemed silly like the boundary one and me verbally saying I deserve to be looked at. (That was a toughie) And although they seemed small they said sooo much to me. It opened my eyes to my behavior in a way I've never realized before. You are such a wonderful and amazingly sensitive, trustworthy and positive spirit. I am so thankful for you. I am looking forward to doing more, as I know I need it and I want to be healthy and not locked up in this dungeon I've created in myself. Although it feels safer in there, I know its not. You are sooo doing what you were created to do and I'm so thankful for it!" - Theresa

"I am always impressed with Leslie Blackburn’s wealth of knowledge. She has the ability to translate that knowledge into experiential learning for her students. She tunes in and magically choreographs the attendees into a dynamic and sacred interaction—evoking great healing. I appreciate the respect, love and deep spirituality that Leslie infuses into her work. It is her spiritual dedication that makes her different from other teachers and healers, and what makes her sessions so powerful and effective. Thanks for the great session!" - Michael

After a 2 hr session: "Wow, 6 weeks of therapy didn't do this much good!" - PT

"I don't feel empty...I feel powerfully full!" -R


What people have said about the Sacred Sexuality Shamanic Apprenticeship with Leslie: see program details page


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