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“Fuse the powers of the sacred heart with the energies of the awakened body and you can transform everything.”

-Pierre Tielhard de Chardin





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 Sacred Sexuality
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Leslie's Article Published in Crazy Wisdom Journal gives a great intro to this work!

Sacred Sexuality - what is it?  

Sacred Sexuality. At first glance the idea of these two words together in the same phrase may seem contradictory.  Over thousands of years, culture and society have separated the sacredness from the body and all of nature, using fear to drive us away from the fundamental truth of Oneness. This has permeated the religions, popular culture and education systems that have been the source of learning about sexuality in our lifetimes. For this reason, many of us equate sexuality with perversion & addiction or guilt & shame.

In fact, our sexual energy is the most fundamental creative force in the Universe. It's what created us! Sacred Sexuality is a lifestyle, much larger than immediate thoughts of recreational or procreational sex. It's a powerful potential for emotional release, improving our health and relationships with others, manifesting our heart's desires, and for illuminating a path of connection with Ultimate Bliss, Enlightenment and the Divine.

Temple Arts

In ancient indigenous Temples around the world, people came to the Priests and Priestesses to ask for guidance and support in all areas of their lives.  Life itself was seen and lived with an awareness of its wholistic nature and advice was sought not only on spiritual aspects, but on all things seen related to spirit - healing, food, herbs and health, cycles of the land and crops, birth and death, interpersonal issues and at the core of life both then and now - sexuality.  

Could it be that the same drive our ancestors felt propelling them towards union and oneness with innate divine source is at the core of what we are beginning to feel now?  That connecting deeply with our sexual, spiritual and emotional nature is in essence a connection with Divine, no matter how we name it?

The Mystery School of the Temple Arts emerges in this unique time with a clear purpose to empower deep personal healing on both individual and interpersonal levels. Using a synthesis of sexual practices - many drawn from the esoteric and hidden knowledge of the past, and fusing them with the needs of the emerging humans of the 21st century our path of personal transformation can not only become more clear but amplified.

If you are drawn to these words, perhaps something has called you to exploring this more deeply. Sacred sexuality encompasses what we need to do for Healthy Living on the Planet; how we eat, breathe, work, talk, give birth, die.  All of it, the emphasis is on sexuality because this rise of the Divine Feminine and integration with the Healthy Masculine is the core foundational work for us in society now. As Andrew Harvey so passionately conveys...

"Unless we really return to the feminine wisdom and marry the profound feminine knowledge and wisdom and passion and concern for all forms of life with what you might call the masculine gifts of precision and order and clarity and brilliant intellect and real focused action in the world, we’re simply not going to survive."

Feminine & Masculine: not just Women and Men

Just to be clear, the rise of the Divine Feminine does not exclude men or anyone else out there!  To the contrary, each of us, no matter how we identify in gender, has both masculine and feminine energies. Feminine and masculine energies are descriptors of opposites, similar to Yin and Yang, Water and Fire, positive and negative.  In these teachings, we refer to feminine and masculine as the energies and their archetype or principle…not human gender.  It’s the integration of the two, the balance, which brings us closer to unity, higher vibrations and enlightenment.

Traditional yoga and Tantra texts and their translations/commentary include references to feminine and masculine in many forms.  One interpretation of these is as analogy or representation of the archetypal energies and their qualities, and the union of those qualities within ourselves.  In fact this union is one of the very definitions of Yoga.  Additionally, in many cases, these are literal references to the power and potential of uniting these energies between two beings, and the power of sexual union that under the right intention, circumstances and respect will bring both parties closer to the Divine.  This is the concept of Sacred Sexuality, which is an aspect of the Tantric Yoga path. Merging energies within oneself or with others opens the path of connecting directly with the Source, or Divine. 

We all have this power within ourselves. As Dakinis and Dakas, our unique gift to share with this world is to help others find their deep power and wisdom.

What is a Mystery School?

The Mystery of the Self, along with deep questions of purpose and existence, have from ancient times inspired us to search for understanding.  In this search we find a quest to delve into the nature of not only our true self - but of our connections both physical and spiritual to those around us.

With origins now lost in legends, Mystery Schools of many cultures around the world have risen and fallen much like the cycles of nature. With rising of consciousness and movement of spirit they offer tools of knowledge and awareness to those who are called ... along with the guidance and empowerment to use these emergent capacities for healing and transformation of person and planet.

With the rapid spread of modern culture, the true understanding of our innate potentials and powers may have receded but have certainly not disappeared.   In our time once again, through compassionate teaching communities and the reclaiming of the sacred in the fullness of life through intention, ceremony, initiations, yoga, meditation and love - Mystery Schools are on the rise.

Welcome to the Mystery School of the Temple Arts.

Dakinis and Dakas

In the traditional Buddhist view so full of rich and complex symbolism, a Dakini is the feminine wisdom principle manifest in female form.  She takes this form holding the potential of Enlightenment for all sentient beings, seeing in their hearts this pure seed of realization.  In essence - she is present as consort and companion to help us overcome obstacles on our path of self-discovery.   

Also known as “sky-dancers”, a Dakini dances with passion in the ecstatic freedom of Divine Emptiness and Consciousness of Love.  Fully present in the moment - at once fearless, strong, loving, fearsome and unfettered - nothing stands in her way.  Her practice and purpose is solely as a conduit for others to step into their own full expression of self in this world and also in the sparking of a direct experience with the Divine.  Her commitment is steadfast and inexhaustible.

So often in our culture - intimacy, love and bliss are held as unattainable ideals and have become the stuff of which fantasies are made.  The Dakini’s male counterpart - known as a Daka - dances with her in love, devotion and support so she can fully recognize these ideals not as fantasy but as reality - and one which in fact we all have capacity to create.  A Daka’s presence in witnessing her as a manifestation of Divine allows the Dakini to open even more fully onto her path of expression, service and love.

Residing in every being, the aspects of both empowered masculine and Divine feminine await their full awakening.  The Dakinis and Dakas of the Temple Arts are trained in the arts of sacred sexual healing and embrace and honor the opportunity to work with all adults of any sexual orientation and gender identity who are called to courageously step into the truth of who they are.

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