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SkyDancer Leslie performing with Detroit Flyhouse, Photos by SpiltSugar




"To remain intimate with textures of this present moment and feel everything completely, rather than wall yourself off from it, is a major step toward true spiritual practice in any moment."

~ David Deida






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For scheduling an appointment, email works best. And I acknowledge sometimes it feels good to reach out with a phone call! Please leave a message if you call, with your name, phone number and email address.   I will gladly return your call, most often within a few days, sometimes it takes a week or more. Scheduling preference goes to those who can adequately communicate their interests, desires, and needs. I do not accept text messages for scheduling appointments or for initial contact.

Your communication with me is private and confidential.  If you are a first-time or prospective client for private sessions, please submit on the Contact Form with the following information (or call) after you are familiar with my website.

E-mail address:  
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What catches your interest while reading this site?
What are your goals for working with me?
What else would you like me to know about you?

Please give a brief description on your specific learning interests and intention for this work:

I respond to all emails, usually within a few days. If a week has passed and you have not heard back, and you have checked your spam folder, please try again and call me. Your inquiry is really important to me!


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